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10 Helpful Tutorials For New Drivers

Photo by Jan Baborak on Unsplash


With Christmas done and the new year beginning, this may be a time of teaching someone in your home how to drive for the first time. It can be nerve wracking for parent and child, trying to keep the work ahead of you serious and focused without terrifying a new driver.


The first thing we’d like to recommend is to set up some goals with your young driver, skills tests that they will pass under your watchful eye. We recommend that you download this PDF from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a great checklist to knowing all the necessary skills. (Their website has a lot of great guidance.)


Be sure to check their preparation when they drive. Make sure they are making proper adjustments to the steering wheel, seat, and mirrors, rather than focusing on the radio or adjusting their appearance in the rear view mirror! And be sure to talk theory. Use a Hot Wheel to explain how the reverse works. There’s a logic breakdown in learning how to parallel park, but it can be overcome by showing the driver how a car’s steering corrects the wheels, and how to get the front of the car aligned properly when reversing.


Here are some video tutorials we’ve gathered that all new drivers should watch: 


1. The Basics - This short video is designed to help your young driver understand the car and know where everything is located.


2. Tips For New Drivers (Beginning Drivers) - This just drills the basic skills again, but in a different voice!


3. How To Drive an Automatic Car - For beginners - Driving lesson - Helpful DIY -- Despite the crazy voice of this guy, he actually offers some pretty good instruction on how to drive for the first time ever.


4. Three Point Turn - Conduite Facile -- This look at the dreaded three point turn makes it look easy and simple.


5. How To Stay Centered in Your Lane - Driving Tips - Conduite Facile -- This short video is a great look at why cars drift out of their lane. If your car doesn't have an automatic detection for crossing lines, this will be important!


6.  Top 10 Reasons Automatic Fail Driving Test - Here’s a great one from Smart Drive Test, going over common mistakes that cause a driver to fail before they are finished with their test!


7. Ten Tips For Overcoming the Fear of Driving - Helpful DIY presents -- The weird voice guy from Helpful DIY is back with advice on getting over a fear of driving!


8. How to Change Lanes - Part of his tips for the Driving Exam, this video from Conduit Facile covers the correct way to look and signal when changing lanes.


9. How to Turn Left at an Intersection - another great Conduit Facile video shows all the considerations of making a left turn at an intersection!


10. Defensive Driving Techniques - nukem384 presents some Defensive Driving concepts. It’s much better to learn these BEFORE an accident.

Making sure that your new driver has a safe vehicle to drive is also important when ensuring their safety. Stop by HB Auto & AC to make sure that your car is ready to go for your new driver. At HB Auto & AC, we want you to take good care of your car. Plus, we believe that showing appreciation to your vehicle is vital, and that is why we recommend regularly scheduled service. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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