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Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Many people wait to get their Check Engine light looked at, fearing it's going to be a costly repair. Truth is, waiting until later might cost you more.

Check engine lights can mean anything from too much air in the gas mix, to an overheating cylinder. Repairs could be as simple as a new gas cap to something complex like an entire engine overhaul... You won't know until you have it checked.

At HB Auto & AC, our expert mechanics will read your error codes, talk with you, test drive your auto, and put more than 50 years of experience to work for you. They'll tell you what the problem is, how to fix it, and how urgently the repair is needed.

Don't wait for your entire engine to stop. Come in and get your problem accurately diagnosed today.

Engine Maintenance & Routine Service... For a Strong Engine That Lasts.

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Engine Maintenance For a Longer Life

Proper engine maintenance is vital to ensure your vehicle gives you years of problem-free operation. There are many things you can do for your car, truck, van, or SUV that will help keep your engine tuned and running for a long time, without breaking the bank.

At HB Auto & AC, we are experts at helping you to get the most out of your vehicle by keeping it properly maintained. Some of the things we recommend to inspect and service on your engine are shown below.

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Filters are extremely important to maintaining your engine. Filters ensure a clean environment throughout your intake system and cylinder chambers, keeping dust and dirt out of your delicate engine. You have an oil filter, an air filter, and a fuel filter that will need to be replaced at manufacturer recommended intervals.

Every vehicle that comes into HB Auto & AC receives a complete inspection and your filters are all part of that check. If yours need replacing, no matter what your visit was about, we'll let you know. Keeping your filters clean can lead to better gas efficiency, and less wear and tear.

Fuel Injectors / Carburetor

Your fuel injectors, or the carburetor if you have one, are your vehicle's fuel delivery devices. The fuel injectors mist fuel directly into the combustion chamber of your engine, while a carburetor sprays fuel into the incoming air intake path, mixing it with air along the way to the combustion chamber. If either of these is dirty or not tuned properly, you will experience sluggish performance and reduced fuel efficiency.

Spark Plugs

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Spark plugs generate the spark that ignites the fuel/air mixture inside each piston combustion chamber. Spark plugs can build up grit, which can, in turn, cause them not to ignite, or to ignite a smaller spark than your engine needs. When this happens, or if any of your spark plugs fail, it can result in lost performance and degraded fuel efficiency. It's important to replace these at manufacturer recommended intervals to help maintain your vehicle.


Sensors throughout your vehicle help your vehicle's engine to perform optimally. They monitor things like your exhaust gases, how much gas/air is in the fuel mixture, the pressure of the intake system, even your tire pressure. On modern cars, sensors control nearly every component so that your engine's performance can be optimized as you run it.

When there's an issue with even one sensor, it can cause the whole system to fail – or worse! Make sure to have your sensors inspected regularly to ensure proper operation of your vehicle. And if you get an engine warning light, don't wait to have it checked. Oftentimes, this is an SOS signal from one of your sensors and should be inspected right away.

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