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One of our favorite places to go for parts and shop talk is gone! VW Specialties on Gothard. Ron was a long time friend, fellow mechanic and parts wizard who could find VW and Audi parts that seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. We hope well for Ron and hope to see him in the future. It is our hope that those who have called Ron their mechanic will consider HB Auto & AC their next reliable VW and Audi repair facility in Huntington Beach. We’ll be your best VW Service next to Ron we know and we’ll do our homework to find those illusive parts!


I’ve never really thought about the memories I’ve had concerning auto repair because I grew up where you either fixed it or walked. Along the way a person can become an expert welder, fabricator, artists, painter, hydrolic specialists, tuner, racer, electrician, these darned things got a lot of things going on! They transcends the definition of “cars” or “trucks” to “personal statements”, “my ride” and the most valuable and trusted title of “the family car / van / SUV”. I remember riding in a 1942 Ford Coupe, Austin Healy Sprite, Porsche Super 90, 1951 spoked wheel MG, 1947 Rolls Royce, 1951 “Olds 88”.

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